Sunday, January 23, 2011

first postie, Posta

When I was working for a local school district there was a student named Posta.  This post is dedicated to her.  She was a young girl from the Congo who was really the only non Spanish speaker and the only black in the class and therefore was a natural outsider among the already outsiders.  At first there were a handful of problems because she thought everyone teamed up against her and this was only exacerbated by the fact that she had a very AD/HD-type personality.  After a couple of months the Spanish speakers all kind of settled in and just accepted the fact that she was a little crazy and she just accepted the fact that they were going to speak the only language they knew.

So really...enough with that.  This blog is called casi jubilado.  That means "almost retired" in Spanish.  I'm hoping with the money generated from AdSense on this mofo that I can be completely retired pretty soon.  Because, damn, Jeeves, my savings is running outs and I don't want to screw somebody by working for them for a very short period of time.

Right now I'm listening to Sebastian Clark's songs from a van.  I am not feeling it too much but after reading the story of how he made the CD, I like the ninja.  He lived in his van and got a gym membership so he would have a place to shower and clean up.  He also pretended he was his own British booking agent by calling from a second phone line and lined up a whole national tour.  Two very bad syllables for you: mox & ie.

Getting a gym membership seems like a good idea.  Possibly for the exercise, but more for the bathroom and shower.  Then living in a vehicle or outside wouldn't seem like it would be too daunting except for the lack of a kitchen.  Most meals would be relegated to restaurants or easily-made foods like PB&BJs.  I could live all my life on PB&BJs or just PB or possibly just BJs but I do like some variety every once in a crescent moon.  Maybe an ATM at an ATM.  But damn...those stealth ninjas got cameras there so maybe not.

I slept in my car for at least 7 days last year which is nowhere near 365 days but it is a little taste.  Well, maybe it is near 365 days; It is kind of hard to tell these days.  Sometimes 1/52nd of something can be counted as 1/1.  It was not too bad even though it was cold.  I would just go out and piss in a semi-constructed McDonald's nearby when I had to.  Only one time did some weirdo come near me with his dog and luckily I just gave him the cold stare through a fogged up window and he slunked away.  Gotta out-crazy the crazy.  Turns out he himself was living in a van on the other side of the nascent McDonald's with a canine roommate.  Nobody knows their neighbor anymore these days.  Gosht-arn impersonal world.

I am on my 4th listen of this guy's CD now and I am getting all nostalgic about living in a car and really almost wishing I didn't have internet access so I wouldn't have to submit myself to Clark's White Album over Latin Percussion dumbstuffs anymore.

Ok back to the point of this blog or what I would like the focus to be.  I need to find some way to make money from any geographic point, or as they say in the biz, bills mobilly.  Finding somewhere to exist would help first but that will come in time I think.  If y'all got any of those insight things, just comment me.


  1. keep posting will rock itself so hard some money boulders will shake loose from the top and fall to us. we work hard, we got ingenuity. as they say in English...the best is yet to come.

  2. I'm sure if you try, you can write and album without having to live outside a mcdonalds ( a la Taylor Swift) and having to deal with the crazies.
    You have a background in songwriting don't you?