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My brother and I decided that making a blog might help us organize our thoughts and prepare for our upcoming trips.  He wants to go teach English in China (and then learn Chinese in England) and I want to get the fuck out of my parents' house.

Although this blog is called casi jubilado (almost retired), I don't really want to retire.  I have just been out of steady work for an extended time and couldn't think of a blog name in English that wasn't already taken.  Somebody already stole my first choice.  So I will most likely fill casi jubilado with plans for my trip and occasional ramblings that have nothing to do with it.  One of my goals for this year was to write more instead of just composing internally so it may happen on here too.

But back to the supposed principal function of this blog:  My plan so far is to go to Latin America.  I chose there because I can speak the language and I love the cultures that exist there.  I have some experience travelling there (5 week trip freestyled out of a backpack).  Another reason that factors heavily into the equation would be the dollar-to-peso conversion.  Because I have not been constantly employed for the last year, I have decimated my already-meager savings.  I accept all responsibility for not having work and also for spending my US doubloons.  A nigga's gotta eat sushi, even while unemployed, mayne.  I can attribute my current situation to nobody but mys truly and would just like to get the huggie diapers out of here as soon as profitable.  Which is why I am only seeking short-term work, preferably work that falls in what informal economists refer to as " the informal economy".

I know that I will be better off virtually anywhere than where I am right now.  The key to this, like probably most of life, lies in making a decision and sticking to it.  

Note to any government officials/professionals/real people reading: This blog is entirely fictional and everything is made up just like that one book that was leaked in the summer of 2007.

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