The Goal Post (get it?!) has been moved to this page.  S-C-O-R-E!  Now I can make all kinds of additions and subtractions and my math will be seen without the use of a tiny scroll bar.  These are my goals for a possible upcoming trip to Latin America...

It has come to my attention that goals are what aid people in making progress.  Last year I didn't have any and I did not make it very far.  The shining accomplishment of the year of two thousand and ten of Our Good Lord would be my acquisition of the power of chopsticks with my human survival coming a short second.  So my first goal on the one-way road to progress would be to make at least one goal.  Well wowzerz and holy moly stromboli because guess what and/or wtf is up?!  I just simultaneously created and met my first goal.  STFU and GTFO!  Nopes Snopes, I really did.

I'm going to start my list of goals on here in hopes that seeing them will snowball into further motivation for my trip research and inevitable trip.  Hopefully global warming doesn't melt that snowball on its arduous journey from my internet self to my real self.  They will be organized in the categories below and I would appreciate any input regarding anything really (organization, actual goals, dares, etc).  Any goals that use the term "as possible" will be given a minimum to ensure that some effort is put forth.

.catch a fish from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and eat them
.ride a horse on the beach
.see a concert in every country we end up in
.sell something on the street
.eat as many insects as possible
.eat as many animals not accustomed to eating as possible
.eat 10 fruits and/or vegetables directly from their life source
.maintain some sort of exercise program
.maintain some sort of writing routine/blog
.give away or trade a certain number of things I bring with me
.learn new dishes to cook
.ride in all forms of transportation minus plane/helicopter
.sleep outside*
.invite a stranger to lunch*
.climb at least 5 Mayan pyramids or ruins
.visit at least 3 new countries
.work on various farms
.stay in at least 3 cities for 3 weeks or more

I would like to realize any goals with an asterisk (*) as many times as possible and that is why they have been placed under Ongoing instead of One-time.

These goals are going to morph and become more exact and focused in time but I am 25 and just now realizing that you have to start somewhere and this shit does not have to be perfect from the get-go.  Not everyone has the mind of Marc Jacobs and is able to design yellow nylon womens slip-on shoes with cat faces and whiskers on the toe and sell them for like 600 US boners per pair on the first try.

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